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                                             -- Kirkus Reviews

Calvin Russel and Richie Glass don't know each other, but they have the same job: wait outside American Federal Bank...with the engine running. The problem is they've been recruited by two different crews intent on robbing the same bank, on the same day, at the same time.

When the bank heist goes sideways, the two young men--one a smart-ass gambling addict from Beverly Hills, the other a car-thief from Inglewood with a wife and five-year-old son--must come together to figure out what the hell happened, all as they try to make the score of a lifetime. It won't be easy with FBI Agents, LAPD Homicide Detectives, pissed-off street thugs, racist bikers, and a mysterious gangster all gunning for them.

The Last Getaway runs a twisty gauntlet of action, humor, and heart that will leave you breathless.


The Identical Opposite

Paula Hickman watches the man with whom she shares a dark history move in across the street. Will he unpack their secrets as well? Seeing that the man's new wife is perfectly identical to her, Paula spirals into madness, unable to rely on her own perception of events.

When a murder rocks their seaside city of Santa Monica, nobody is certain, not even Paula, if she is the killer. As media attention amplifies and detectives close in, Paula is forced to face both her past and present demons—no easy task when you can no longer trust your own thoughts.




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When I'm not writing, I provide voices for television and movies. It's difficult to explain to people exactly what I do, so here is a short video with a small sampling of the crazy way I make a living in Hollywood. A couple of notes: The E.T. clip is from the 25th Anniversary re-release (I'm not SO old to have worked on the original) and don't be confused if sometimes my voice comes out of someone else's mouth. Anyway, there's no glory in the gig, as it usually goes by anonymously, but at least I don't have to wear a suit...

Me in front of Ernest Hemingway's house in Havana, Cuba
Hemingway's typewriter
Bad copy of Hemingway's handwritten manuscript
The boat on which Hemingway wrote, The Old Man and The Sea